Storm Desmond update on topics

Article posted: 11-Aug-2017
Storm Desmond update on topics

Cumbria Community Recovery Group Updates

The following is a message from the Chair of the Cumbria Community Recovery Group which may be useful particularly for households in the process of making claims.


Although it's now more than 18 months since the December 2015 floods, recovery from the flooding is still ongoing for many people. There are a few topics it's worth updating you on, so that you can share the information within your organisation and to the networks you're involved in. Please find attached an update on community recovery, I have summarised the 4 key issues below:
1. Property Level Resilience (PLR) Grants

Initial applications for the PLR grants closed on 31 March 2017, but many households that submitted an application before that deadline are still in the process of getting work completed. The deadline for completion of claims is now the end of September for all 4 District Councils; District Councils will be contacting the people who still have claims in the system to ensure they are aware of the deadline where appropriate and to offer support. We've heard concerns from a number of communities that people feel they might struggle to get the work completed by the end of September deadline. If people have any concerns about the PLR grant including the deadline, they need to contact their District Council directly (details attached) to make them aware of this.  However, if you're aware of people and communities who still believe there's a problem, please let us know (including as many details as possible), by emailing
2. Resilience Grant top-ups from Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund

You're probably also aware that Cumbria Community Foundation's Flood Recovery Fund is able to fund top-ups to the PLR grants where the cost of the resilience work exceeds the £5000 available from the PLR scheme. The top-up grants can be up to £2000 per household.
Further details are available on the CCF Website The deadline for new applications for resilience top-ups is 30 September 2017, but households will be able to finalise their claim after this date when they have details of the cost of the work, and have received PLR paperwork back from the District Council.
3. Flood Resilience work and Trading Standards

We are also aware that some people are concerned about the quality of some of the work that has been undertaken to increase the resilience of homes to flooding. Cumbria Trading Standards may be able to investigate and take action to protect residents and businesses but they are not receiving many referrals.  If local support organisations have information or concerns relating to installations of flood resilience or resistance measures, they can contact and the information will be passed to Trading Standards. Trading Standards will require the following information:

  • Brief information on the problem (i.e. poor workmanship, work not completed, sub-standard product, measures installed not appropriate)
  • Name and address of the installer or business
  • Products installed
  • Date of installatio
  • Name, address and telephone number of the home (or business) owner (along with consent for this to be shared with Trading Standards)


4. Mental Wellbeing

We're also aware that people are finding the recovery from flooding very stressful - and this includes the staff and volunteers supporting flooded communities, as well as the people whose homes and businesses were flooded. Again the attached note provides more detail on support available but the key message is that whilst the flooding may now seem a long time ago to many people, it's still worth asking people who were flooded or those working with flooded communities how they're feeling. Sometimes people will benefit from informal support and others more formal support, particularly if they feel that their reactions to the floods have got stuck, or they are feeling more low or anxious than they would expect. Once again, if you feel that there's further information we should be aware of, please email
 The recovery update will be added to the Cumbria County Council Flood Pages on Cumbria Floods 2015.

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