Parish Council update from Penrith Policing Team

Article posted: 12-Dec-2018
Parish Council update from Penrith Policing Team




November Newsletter from Penrith Police can be found here


Hello all,

Unfortunately there has been a rise in crime in your area lately.  Please see the newsletter for further details.  The below is an extract from the newsletter.

Eden Pro Active team and PCSO's are currently focusing on rural crime.  Please report any suspicious activity to 101.

In the event you are unable to contact 101 at the time and you feel the information you have may assist, please email<> Emails to this address may not be seen for up to 48hrs.

Registrations, makes/models/colours, person descriptions, potential suspects or if you are concerned criminals are looking to target an address would all assist the team.

Hopefully it all makes sense.

Keep property secure, presents hidden and enjoy the festive period!


Kind regards,



PCSO 5178 John Nicholson

T: 101


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