Draft Minutes from 16th September Parish Council Meeting

Article posted: 19-Sep-2019

Patterdale Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 16th SEPTEMBER 2019 in Glenridding Public Hall at 7:30pm.

Present: Cllr R Shephard (In the Chair), S Sykes, M Teasdale, R Wear, T Iredale, S Sykes, A Laverick

Apologies: N Hughes, K Jackson

In Attendance: C. Bell, C Scrivens,  and 8 members of the public


  • S Sykes declares an interest on planning re Greenside Mines Hostel application
  • S Sykes and M Teasdale declared an interest on the Greenside Road Parking discussion

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 15th JULY 2019 were approved as a correct record.

  • T Iredale has contacted Liz from Patterdale School and she will contact parish to discuss ideas for VE day
  • Styan Bew Planning Application: Concerns voiced on local occupancy clauses and that restrictions should not be lowered and should be adhered to. R Shephard stated that the current clause is not much smaller so not a big difference than it being East Area. M Teasdale says that on principle it is wrong and sets the wrong precedent and keeping the clause is line with the LDNP’s own plan. Buyers bought the property being fully aware of the clause and benefitted from it.
  • Greenside road parking. Good response from local residents including emails, letters and phone calls. Some of the suggestions include: more double yellow lines, residents permit parking, garden conversion into parking. M Teasdale to liaise with highways on Monday and look at issues. Washing Green a possibility to be used as residents parking. S Sykes suggest a sign at bottom of the road saying: Parking for local residents and holiday lets only. M Teasdale to run this past highways. M Boothroyd reported that 8 cars parked around the back of the Headlands houses. Local resident reports of cars parking from Gillside entrance up to The Rakes. Areas that require double yellows need to be identified and the process needs to start soon as it is a lengthy one. M Teasdale suggest strip of back of Headlands should be used/rented for parking. Planning has been applied for twice previously but never used. R Shephard agrees that the general consensus favours some sort of parking scheme and should be looked into – proposal for residents parking scheme will be discussed with highways officers at a meeting next week public meeting will be convened for residents to go through the options.
  • S Sykes highlights issue of wall end at NHS entrance forces people onto the road, needs a step down. He will follow up with the health centre
  • M Teasdale highlights that the One way system 1 hour parking restriction is not enough time for people to have a coffee and walk in the village and should be extended to 2 hours – this will be discussed with highways
  • M Teasdale and A Laverick highlights problem at the top of Falling Rocks, the corner should be double yellowed – this is on the list of issues for the A592 safer roads project.
  • Cecilia Fry from the FOUW (Friend of the Ullswater Way are looking for trustees and supporters. There are no subscriptions/fees. If you’d like to know more, please contact Cecilia at: ceciliafryis@gmail.com
  • The Heritage Centre might have a new home in Matterdale and will fall under the umbrella of FOUW
  • James Sowerby and Sarah Freedman to come up with new and creative cairn for flood donation box





  • Balances as at 15th SEPT 2019 were: Treasurers Acc: £19468.43, Instant Saver Acc: £33640.85, Memorial Cottage Acc: £5876.33
  • Resolved to pay accounts totalling £2899.02 listed on the orders for payment below

  1. Carl Scrivens, Parish Lengthsman, £1238.60
  2. Charlene Bell, Clerical Duties, £476.00
  3. Ian Rae, Toilet Cleaning, £250.00
  4. PFK Littlejohn, Audit, £240.00
  5. CPSL (Cumbria Payroll Service), £14.40
  6. Carl Scrivens, Jenkins Field Fence Repair, £652.00
  7. Solway Plaque for Memorial Bench, £28.02




From the Chairman:

  • One of the bench plaques by the war memorial has been removed and will be replaced

From the Clerk:

  • Cumbria Payroll Service now doing PAYE for clerk
  • VAT reclaim for £1645.87
  • Flood Money donations £450
  • Petition to request two more seats for council has now reached a sufficient level and will be sent to EDC and fingers crossed we will soon have two more seats.
  • Massive thanks to Catstycam Outdoor Shop and Travellers Rest Pub for donating £500 each for two new picnic benches that will soon be arriving on the new green next to Rattlebeck.

From Members:

  • S Sykes suggest outdoor exercise equipment to be installed at either rec ground, Jenkins Field or KGV Playing Field. Good response and will get more info.
  • S Sykes noticed that Mason Bros wall, in particular cams are falling off and could pose a danger to cars/people. Steve to get in touch with A Bacon (EA) to have a look into this and fix it before it deteriorates too much and winter rainfall sets in.
  • S Sykes has recharged flood torches
  • CAPITA feedback should be received by the 27th September regarding work on trees in Jenkins field. Transfer contracts to be handed to EDC. Toilet cleaning contract to run through TUPE which gives us time to organise toilet cleaning schedule and cleaners.
  • Received a letter from family member with a memorial bench and the fact that the grass looks like it has been ‘cut with a knife and fork’ or very long in places. Doesn’t look inviting. Once Jenkins field is in our ownership we will keep it tidy.
  • Health and Safety inspections to continue to be done by EDC at recreational ground in Glenridding.
  • M Teasdale states that over the summer period Heads of terms have been agreed with Eden Housing Association (EHA). 3 sets of draft architect drawings/ideas have been prepared. EHA will be paid for carrying out pre planning work and surveys. Application for the grant for this work from EDC has been completed [not the pre planning work]
  • Helen Lancaster from LDNP has agreed on principle to sell the land and will hold a consultation first.
  • CLT to run public consultation in Glenridding Village Hall on WEDNESDAY the 16th October 2019 from 3pm – 9pm
  • Representatives will include architects, EDC, housing association etc
  • Local community should attend and give their views
  • Current idea for 8-10 units, max 2 story, possible bungalow, full range of 1/2/3 bed houses on Glenridding Green


  • S Sykes reports that they are waiting for two quotes for roof. Slate has come off the roof. Rising damp in the kitchen is an ongoing issue that needs resolving.


  • Goldrill Beck - Gravel clearance permit applied for and been granted. Hoping to do work before end September. Waiting for N Trust to clear trees on their side of the beck
  • Drains been cleaned by EDC
  • S Sykes to take photo of pothole nr NHS building and report on pothole hotline and N Hughes
  • Starkey hut – to get aggregates and fill potholes
  • R Shephard request to find more information re Barraclough transfer of village green to LDNP
  • Notice board still not turned up – waiting for Mason Bros

  • N Butcher informs us that the consultation will start in Autumn 2019.
  • Sent photos to him of bank holiday parking carnage
  • Patterdale Parish request double yellows from falling rocks to the village and from Aira Force to Falling Rocks – this has been added to the “A592 wish list”



7/2019/3096, Cherry Holme, The Square, Glenridding, Penrith, CA11 0PF, Alterations and extensions to east elevation; including alterations to entrance hallway, first floor extension and alterations to the roof

7/2019/3092, Glenedge, Glenridding, Penrith, CA11 0PG, Proposed single storey front extension

7/2019/3103, Striding Edge Hostel & Swirrel Camping Barn, Greenside Road, Glenridding, CA11 0QS, Conversion of traditional stone buildings, currently used as a hostel and camping bothy, into 3 cottages for short-term holiday letting.
REFUSAL on the grounds that we do not support this application. The barn was meant for underprivileged children have access to the outdoors, NOT more holiday cottages. There are already a VERY high number of holiday cottages in the parish and not a need for any more. The need for local houses are a greater need for the parish.
We sincerely hope that the LDNP will not support this as it will set a very poor precedent of change of use. We’d rather see it turned into local occupancy homes.

7/2019/3084, Patterdale Hall, Glenridding, Penrith, CA11 0PT, Reinstatement of stone gate post damaged by impact

7/2019/3111/12, Wordsworth Cottage, Patterdale, Penrith, CA11 0NP, Erection of garden room, replacement-repair of existing windows to match and fenestration redecoration


Application to modify S106 Agreement on planning approval reference 7/1993/3072, STYAN BEW, HARTSOP, PENRITH, CA11 0NZ

REFUSAL Refusal on the grounds that it is wrong in principal to alter an existing Local occupancy clause as this will set the wrong precedent. The current residents purchased the property being fully aware of the clause - they benefitted from it then and the next buyers should now benefit from it. The LDNP themselves set out in their local policies that they strongly support the adherence of these clauses.


  1. 7/2019/3085, Land at Greenside Road, Glenridding, CA11 0QG, Outline permission for residential development
    No Objection,
    Approval with reason that Patterdale Parish Council presumes that this will be a local occupancy residential development and we wholeheartedly support this.


  1. 7/2019/3066, Glenwood, Glenridding, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0PG Retrospective application for land forming works to facilitate car parking area

Refused by LDNP 3/9/19




18th NOVEMBER 2019 at 7:30pm


The meeting closed at 20:50


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