Parish Council Meeting Monday 20th January 2020

Article posted: 07-Jan-2020


c/o 4 Grassthwaite Howe, Glenridding, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0PY

Clerk to the Council: Charlene Bell Tel: 07747587635 E. Mail:

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Dear Sir/Madam,

A meeting of the Council will take place on Monday 20th January 2020 in Glenridding Public Hall commencing at 7.30pm and you are hereby summoned to attend to consider the undermentioned business. Planning applications may be viewed at

Yours faithfully,

Charlene Bell 

Charlene Bell - Clerk


  1. Apologies
  2. To approve the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held at Glenridding Public Hall on Monday 18th November 2019 (available on the website).
  3. Declarations of Interest/Dispensations To receive declarations of interest from Members in respect of items contained within this agenda and to consider any requests for a Dispensation to speak.
  4. Public Open Forum. Residents of the Parish are invited to give their views and question to Parish Council on issues on this Agenda, or raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman. District and County Councillors may report.
  5. Reports.
    (i) Any other meetings attended by Members
  1. Finance

(i) To approve Orders for payment (sheet will be circulated at the Meeting)

(ii) Any other outstanding financial matters – for discussion only

(iii) Budget 2019/21and rolling 3 years. Council to agree on precept level for next year.

  1. Matters of Information

A - from the Chairman:

  • Phone box update
  • Fireworks
  • Patterdale YHA Parking

B - from the Clerk: Petition update

C - from Members (to include Greenside Road parking update from Steve Sykes and Maddy Teasdale)

  1. Devolving services from Eden District Council, Toilets, Jenkins Field etc Chairman to update. Volunteers and agreement needed for:
    • Jenkins Field Parking Plan
    • Jenkins Field Marketing Plan
    • PAYG Toilets Installation Plan
  2. Patterdale Community Land Trust To receive updates Cllr Teasdale to Report
  3. Memorial Cottage To receive updates on improvements Chairman and Councillors to report
  4. Lengthsman & Flood Group Update To receive any updates Chairman to report
  5. Outdoor Exercise Equipment – Councillor Sykes to report
  6. Highways To receive current information. To report CCC feedback on following issues raised at meeting on 15th Jan.
  • Falling Rocks walkway
  • Steamer Road Crossing/Footway opposite Glenridding Hotel
  • Kirkstone use by HGVs/Coaches
  • Kirkstone Closed signs
  • Double Yellow Lines on Park Brow and from Aira Force to the village
  1. Planning



  1. 7/2019/3138, Wall Holm Boathouse, Glenridding, Demolition of existing boathouse and erection of a new boathouse with dayroom above and a dwelling for the purposes of holiday letting

PPC: To formally reply


  1. 7/2019/3166 at Glenwood, Glenridding, Penrith, CA11 0PG. Retrospective application for land forming works to facilitate car parking area following refusal of application 7/2019/3066

PPC: To formally reply






  1. 7/2019/3103, Striding Edge Hostel & Swirrel Camping Barn, Greenside Road, Glenridding, CA11 0QS,

Conversion of traditional stone buildings, currently used as a hostel and camping bothy,

into 3 cottages for short-term holiday letting.

PPC: Objection: on the grounds that we do not support this application. The barn was meant for underprivileged children have access to the outdoors, NOT more holiday cottages. There are already a VERY high number of holiday cottages in the parish and not a need for any more. The need for local houses are a greater need for the parish. 

We sincerely hope that the LDNP will not support this as it will set a very poor precedent of change of use. We’d rather see it turned into local occupancy homes.

LDNP: Awaiting decision



  1. 7/2019/3122, Scarfoot, Patterdale, Penrith, CA11 0NW, Annexe to be used in conjunction with the main dwelling


LDNP: Approved with conditions


  1. 7/2019/3119, Glenridding House, Glenridding, Penrith, CA11 0PH, Amendment of compliance time for submission and approval of technical information, conditions 6 and 7 on planning permission 7/2016/3125 for erection of new function pavilion and tennis courts

PPC: The Parish Councillors think that the condition should not be changed and that noise policies should be taken seriously as we don’t want issues between neighbours and or other wedding venue properties. Prevention is better than cure.

LDNP: Approved with Conditions


  1. 7/2019/3123, Homefield, The Caravan, Greenside Road, Glenridding, CA11 0QF, Replacement of existing caravan with new wooden clad lodge and siting of five additional wooden clad lodges (all lodges falling within the definition of a caravan). All lodges for short term, year round holiday letting

PPC: Objection on the grounds:

  •  Existing permission should be as a single use Caravan (Policy T13) not Policy T9 (Caravan Site) under the 1998 Saved Local Plan
  •  Access issues during building and ongoing – Greenside Road already in heavy use with major parking issues – don’t want to increase use this
  •  Emergency Vehicle access would be impossible
  •  Believed to be a badger set there and shouldn’t be disturbed.
  •  Unnecessary development within the Glenridding "Green Envelope"
  •  Noise issues for neighbours
  •  Site on Flood plain – as demonstrated during Storm Desmond in 2015
  •  Council would prefer a single, owners use caravan/lodge.

LDNP: Awaiting decision



  1. Date of next meeting: 16th March 2020 at 19:30

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