Parish Council Meeting 15th March 2021

Article posted: 05-Mar-2021
The agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting on Monday 11th January 2021 is shown below The minutes are now also available on the meetings page. Please note this meeting will be held remotely via Zoom so if you wish to attend please contact Charlene by the 10th January - PATTERDALE PARISH COUNCIL c/o 4 Grassthwaite Howe, Glenridding, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0PY
Clerk to the Council: Charlene Bell Tel: 07747587635 E. Mail: For details of the Council's activities log on to
 Dear Sir/Madam, A meeting of the Council will take place on Monday 15th March 2021 via ZOOM commencing at 7.30pm and you are hereby invited to attend remotely to consider the undermentioned business. Planning applications may be viewed at The link for online viewing will be e-mailed before the meeting so public can join in BUT ONLY TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO REGISTER AN INTEREST BY THE SUNDAY PRIOR TO MEETING VIA EMAIL TO Yours faithfully, Charlene Bell - Clerk AGENDA 1. Apologies 2. To approve the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held via Zoom on Monday 11th January 2021 (available on the website). 3. Declarations of Interest/Dispensations To receive declarations of interest from Members in respect of items contained within this agenda and to consider any requests for a Dispensation to speak. 4. Public Open Forum. Residents of the Parish are invited to give their views and question to Parish Council on issues on this Agenda, or raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman. District and County Councillors may report. Parishioners please send in your queries via e-mail ( ) at least 2 days before the meeting. 5. Reports. (i) Any other meetings attended by Members a) Sustainable Transport for Ullswater – Cllr S Sykes (ii) Dark Skies (iii) Glenridding Common Update 6. Finance (i) To approve Orders for payment (circulated pre meeting via e-mail) (ii) Accounting Software (Charlene) (iii) Donations from businesses (Andrew) (iv) Any other outstanding financial matters – for discussion only 7. Matters of Information A - from the Chairman Proposals for new Local Government Review – council to respond to Government consultation LDNP Supplementary Documents on Planning and Biodiversity – council to respond to consultation Lockdown Update • Business Snowball Early Warning System (Andrew) • Work Exchange (Charlene) • LDNP Proposals for reopening – parking and monitoring camping etc B - from the Clerk: Memorial Bench in Jenkins request, Mountain Ash (Rowan) tree with plaque. To establish price and quantity of trees. C - from Members 1. Devolving services from Eden District Council, Toilets, Jenkins Field etc Clerk and Cllr Laverick to update. - Jenkins Field – Wild area incl grants – MT to report - Jenkins Field – Memorial Benches/trees/stones - Jenkins Field Parking – Grass seed, money box cairns, and opening procedures to be agreed - Jenkins Field Marketing Plan - Jenkins Field access for boat landing & events from A592, establish boundary - Steamer Rd Request – Flower Beds/Beech House Request - Glenridding Toilets Usage - Patterdale Toilets Counter Dates: 23 July – 31 Aug 20. 40days. 1024 people (2048 on counter in mens) Dates: 1 Sept – 22 Oct 20. 52days. 1782 people (3565 on counter in mens) Dates: 23 Oct – 02 Jan 21. 70 days (487) 2. Patterdale Community Land Trust To receive updates Cllr Teasdale to Report – to include permission required from PC for use of PC land for entrance to proposed housing development. 3. Greenside Road Parking – Cllr Teasdale/Cllr Sykes to Report - Parking Scheme – plans received – awaiting Highways Public Consultation 4. Memorial Cottage Chairman and Councillors to report. Dwane to block to external holes around waste pipes. To clean gutters. To remove wallpaper on 2 walls in main bedroom and let wall dry out and assess from there. 5. Lengthsman & Flood Group Update To receive any updates Chairman to report 6. Outdoor Exercise Equipment – Councillor Sykes/Laverick to report 7. Highways To receive current information - A592 Safer Roads Project Update - Hartsop Rd End Traffic Island Removal 8. Grass cutting tender. To agree areas and costs 9. Key Principles Document 10. Planning Applications Applications 1. 7/2021/3009 at Homefield, The Caravan, Greenside Road, Glenridding. Application to use caravan site for the siting of two additional caravans. PPC: 2. 7/2021/3024 at Dalegarth, Patterdale, Penrith, CA11 0NP. Proposed pergola structure PPC: LDNP: 3. 7/2021/3001 at Village Store and Post Office, Patterdale, CA11 0NW. Change of use. PPC: No objection LDNP: 4. 7/2020/3152 at Brown Howe, Glenridding, Penrith, CA11 0PG WITHDRAWN Decisions 1. 7/2020/3125 at Filter House, Hayeswater, Hartsop PPC: Objected LDNP: Refused 11. Confidential Matter – for Councillors and Clerk only 12. Date of next meeting: Monday, 17th May 2021. AGM at 19:00 and Parish Meeting at 19:30

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