Parish Council Meeting Monday 17th July 7:30 pm Glenridding Public Hall

Article posted: 10-Jul-2017

This agenda is available for download on the Meetings Page.


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Dear Sir/Madam,

12 July 2017

A meeting of the Council will take place on Monday 17th July 2017 in Glenridding Public Hall commencing at 7.30pm and you are hereby summoned to attend to consider the undermentioned business.
Planning applications may be viewed at LDNPA Planning Applications. A summary list is provided on the council web site on the Planning Applications News Item 

Yours faithfully,

Michael Johnson




  1. Apologies

  2. To approve the minutes of the meeting of the Council held at Glenridding Public Hall on 8th May 2017 (copies available on this website)

  3. Declarations of Interest/Dispensations
    To receive declarations of interest from members in respect of items contained within this agenda and to consider any requests for a dispensation to speak.

  4. Public Open Forum
    Residents of the parish are invited to give their views and question to parish council on issues on this agenda, or raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the chairman. District and county councillors may report.

  5. Reports
    (i) Patterdale Parish Community CLT – Cllr Mrs Teasdale to report
    (ii) Flood Relief Task Group – Chairman to report
    (iii) Any other meetings attended by Members

  6. Finance 
    (i) To approve orders for payment (sheet will be circulated at the meeting)
    (ii) To consider a donation of £200 towards some new cricket nets for the cricket club which they plan to use for the school
    (iii) Any other outstanding financial matters – for discussion only

  7. Plans for consideration
    7/2017/3080 (this application added on 17/07/2017 as per email from the clerk.) - Glenwood, Glenridding
    Change of use of land to garden and erection of studio not in compliance with condition number 2 of planning permission reference 7/2016/3039: re-orientation of building and access and alterations to elevations

    7/2017/3075 – Brotherswater Hotel, Hartsop
    Add a 15m timber pole with a 300mm microwave dish – recommendations requested

    7/2017/3060 - Yew Tree Cottage, Deepdale, Penrith
    Erect a detached timber garage and garden room. Remove existing wall to provide vehicular
    access to the garage. Relocate oil tank – recommendation No Objections

    7/2017/3054 – Glenridding House, Glenridding – Erection of new ancillary activities boathouse and jetty for any use associated with a hotel. - recommend refusal of this application on the following grounds.
    1. If as stated the purpose is the provision of boat mooring and access facilities, then a simple jetty will suffice.  The proposal put forward shows a substantial building as well, the stated purpose for which will be the provision of ancillary accommodation and an annex for the hotel.
    2.  The Parish Council recommend refusal on the grounds that this is a substantial and unwarranted development on the Lake shore that will be detrimental to the view of the area and will create a precedent for developments of this type.
    3.  The proposed development will be intrusive and unnecessary.  A simple jetty will suffice and be significantly less intrusive to the lake shoreline.

  8. Matters of Information
    A - from the Chairman
    B - from the Clerk
    C - from Members

  9. Neighbourhood Plan
    Chairman to report

  10. Installation of high fence at side of Recreation Ground
    Chairman to report

  11. Memorial Cottage
    Any matters to discuss
    Clerk to report

  12. Jenkins Field
    To receive any updates – if any
    Chairman to report

  13. Highways
    To receive current information

  14. Tree works/Planning decisions

    7/2017/3028 – Eagle Farm Glenridding – proposed demolition of sunroom and erection of boat store

    7/2017/3037 – Brown Howe, Glenridding – change of use of former Filling Station to domestic curtilage in association with adjacent dwelling – Brown Howe.

This agenda is available for download on the Meetings Page.



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