Glenridding Skate Park Proposal

Article posted: 14-Oct-2021
Glenridding Skate Park Proposal

Glenridding Recreation Ground – Skate Park Proposal






The proposal is to install a small skate park in the Glenridding Recreation ground to complement the existing play and sports facilities for young local children.

Three companies were approached to provide quotes and the chosen supplier, Canvas, is considered the most appropriate in terms of design, scale and price. The skate park will cost in the region of £50,000 with the Skate Park committee responsible for the fund raising.

The proposal was discussed at the Parish Council meetings in May, July and September. A public consultation was held at Glenridding Public Hall on Monday 11th October to further consider the proposal. Any further comments or representations should be made to Patterdale Parish Council via the clerk by the 31st October 2021. All documentation and representations regarding the proposal will be published on the Parish Council website (

The proposal will be reviewed in detail by the Parish Council at their next meeting on Monday 15th November 2021.

Statement from the Skate Park Committee

This would provide a safe place for the kids to ride their scooters, skateboards, BMXs. Currently they are using the roads and local carpark which in the last few years have got busier and busier.

The skatepark will provide a great safe place for them to spend time outdoors in a safe environment learning new skills, keeping fit which is a great for their mental health and well being.

The ethos of skate parks has dramatically change in the last 10 years with it becoming a very popular activity with the younger generation. With its inclusion into the Olympics, bike tracks and skateparks are getting built all over the country with most towns and many villages having them. Now even a lot of camping and caravan sites have them installed on site.

It will be a great asset to the village and local community for future generations to come and will hopefully encourage more young families to settle in the village which will be highly beneficial for the school and the whole community.

Detailed Proposal

Location: The proposed location of the skatepark in the Glenridding Recreation Field is considered the most appropriate as it is already a recreation ground, and this would be adding another piece of equipment for young children to enjoy. It is also a safe and secure location with ease of access from the local houses – unlike the KGV or Jenkins Field.

Design: The size of the park will be no higher than the equipment in the park already and at around 150m2 is smaller than the area taken up by the swings and slides (see below). This smaller type of skatepark is suitable for the younger children and total beginners. More advanced facilities for older children and young adults are already available in Penrith.

The design has been chosen to minimise the visual impact with the rear of the ramp banked around with soil and grass to take away the harsh lines. Further planting will be done to screen the park as required. The surface of the park will be concrete which is quieter than wood and metal surfaces and lasts longer and is virtually maintenance free.

Ownership & Maintenance: The skate park would be owned by the existing “Patterdale Recreation Ground” Charity (# 1071637) which is currently managed by Patterdale Parish Council. The Skate Park Committee would be responsible for the fundraising and project management of the installation and would then provide trustees to manage the facility in the future. In terms of maintenance as above the design has been chosen to be very low maintenance and will be inspected as part of the existing EDC inspection regime for the Rec Ground play area.

Proposed rules for use of the skate park & recreation ground

  • Day light hours use only (no lighting will be provided)
  • No dogs
  • All users to full safety equipment
  • Young children to be under adult supervision at all times
  • No loud music to be played
  • No glass bottles, sharp objects, or alcohol allowed
  • No motorised vehicles
  • Please use at your own risk, please use reasonably, and respect other users



Further Information

Skate Park Proposal Overview

Skate Park Commitee Statement

Notes from Public Consulation 11th October 2021

Detailed Quote from Canvas

Letters of Representation

Summary of Objections and Responses

Brian and Jan King

Jackson Family

Mr Baker

Rita Dawes

Mr & Mrs Hudson and P Dyson

Ricky Dawes

Mr Roe

Patterdale School Governors

Scrivens, Shaw, Bell

Shindler, Freedman, Kerr

Eddie & Hazel Bell

Joan Barker Martin

Louise Greenwood

Beaty, Taylforth, Sullivan & Jones

The Shaws

A & S Bailey

Ann Colborne

K and H Bannister

L Iredale

P & R Turner

Rose & Norman Wilson

J Hayhurst

A Welsh

Brown and Barrow

A and M Howard Carter

A Bradley and N Jackson

A Dixon

A Naik

C Kelso and D Jackson

L Sanderson

Z and G Ratcliffe

K and G Lightfoot

Any further comments or representations should be made to Patterdale Parish Council via the clerk by the 31st October 2021


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